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“If you want to run a “tight ship” this is a must read! After 36 years in chiropractic practice, with reading this book I had an immediate transformation of mindset and was very excited to get to the office to make changes. In her book Lori not only laid out a plan for success but as important helped me to understand the ‘WHY”. The 7 C’s is guiding me to easily develop a well-trained staff with standardized procedures, better communication, better accountability and better outcomes for the patients and my practice. If you have been in practice for a while or just starting out – READ this book now!”

-Anita Kelley-Dukes

“As a client of Profitable Practice Solutions for more than 4 years I was excited to see Lori sharing some of her pearls with the general public. I bought four copies and gave them out to my staff as a reference to the systems we already incorporate. This book is priceless for anyone who wants to learn about the power of organizing your practice. An easy read even for me and well worth the price tag.”

-Christopher Anselmi

“This book is a must have! By far the best $25 any practitioner or manager will ever spend! The book lays out some great key points any office should aim to achieve or improve on. I find it easy to read and filled with actionable items that can be implemented immediately in your practice.”

-Diego Ruiz

“After 24 years of practice I have learned the two biggest keys to success are, hiring the right people and having the right systems in place. That’s what this book is all about. Lori is so good at laying it out simple to understand whether you are new in practice, a seasoned veterinarian, or even a new team member training for a new position. It’s a must read! Wish I would have found Lori and this book 24 years ago.”

-Scott Frogley

“Being in practice for more than 25 years, you get “lazy” about some things that are really vital to any practice success. By “you”, I mean “me”. This book is full of great information that can walk anyone toward the path of a successful, fulfilling practice. Now; read it, implement it, and go for a ride.”


“Sailing the 7c’s is a great book for steering a practice into an improved business direction. The contents set the stage for your online modules and training videos. Fantastic!”

-Dr. Salvatore Daniele

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